Monday, August 5, 2013

Grilling the Odd: Margherita Pizza

I spent time before the reno pinning recipes I thought would be makeable during the reno - crockpot ideas and lots of grilling ideas.  Somehow, despite my planning we still spent most of the first week eating out because it's easy.
The second week, I made a plan to hopefully stem the tide of money going out of my bank account into restaurant coffers.  Sunday night, I made dinner at home.  That's night one.
I have discovered that my deep freeze is a good height to use as a prep table.  I have also discovered that my basement is a lousy place in which to take pictures.  We're looking forward to having counters again.  But all that aside, this went together quickly and there were minimal trips up and down the stairs before dinner.
J liked this enough that he'll let me make it again with some different toppings.  We'll see what happens in the next few weeks.  I present to you now About a Mom's Grilled Margherita Pizza:

1 tube Pilsbury pizza dough
1/2 c prepared pesto
4 tomatoes, seeded and roughly chopped
2 garlic cloves, minced
Olive oil
Italian spices
4 oz. Goat Cheese

1.  Preheat grill.  Grease a sheet of foil and spread the pizza dough out on the foil.  When grill is hot, invert the foil on the grill and peel off the foil.
2.  Cook the dough on the open grill for 2 minutes and then flip to cook other side.  When golden, take crust off the grill onto a cookie sheet.
3.  In a medium bowl, toss tomatoes, garlic, oil and spices.  I added a good glug of oil.  No measuring.
4.  Spread crust with pesto, top with tomatoes, and sprinkle with crumbled goat cheese.  Slide pizza onto grill and close lid to heat toppings and melt cheese.
Adapted from About a Mom

 This was the part of the procedure that I was most skeptical about.  The instructions said that if any of the dough fell between the grills to use tongs to pull it out.  I didn't have any dough fall through!  I did have a little trouble peeling the foil off.  I don't think I oiled it well enough.
You will know your dough is ready to turn when it is not stuck to the grills.
 Here's the dough flipped.  When I opened the tube of dough, I couldn't find the edge to start unrolling.  I tore it to get it started and then tried to pinch it back together.  That didn't really work, and it broke along the pinch line.  No matter.  It still tasted delicious.
Goat cheese retains its shape, so you need to watch the bottom closely.  There was lots of garlic but good.  With a glass of great white wine, J didn't even miss the meat.

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