About Me

The URL of this blog was born out of a story I told when I was a regular member of the Cooking Light magazine community bulletin boards.  Near the end of my regular time there, things were getting cliquey and people would be easily offended.  One of the things that people could be judgmental about were the eating habits of others.  I made the comment to a couple of my Bulletin Board friends (who were also friends in real life) that I really wanted to start a thread that read, "Sometimes, I think a really good dinner for this single girl would be Oreos dipped in Cool Whip."  Then I would sit back and watch the camps rage over that inflammatory statement for days.  I never did it, but it made me giggle in my head.  I slowly fell away from the boards with J moving closer and planning a wedding.
In 2010, I started posting pictures on Facebook to prove to my friend Scott that I did actually cook and eat at home.  As I continued to post pictures of our meals, my friends started asking for the recipes.  Instead of typing them out and adding them to Facebook as well, I started a new blog with what I'd made for dinner recently.
When I cook at home, J and I lose weight and save money.  Two very good reasons to eat at home all the time.  We're comfort food eaters, and thankfully he's up for trying most things when I tell him what we're eating in the coming week.  I use this blog both to keep my weekly menu plans and to showcase the new recipes I've tried.
I love to bake (and eat!) anything with sugar, and like trying new things.  The Magazine Challenge in 2013 and again in 2014 has forced me to try recipes outside of my comfort zone and make things that are new and different.  Likewise, joining the Secret Recipe Club has expanded my horizons to try new and different recipes.
So welcome to my quiet little corner of Ontario, Canada.  Join me in seeing just what I make for dinner.