Monday, February 6, 2012

What I actually Made Crostini

So for those of you following along, I had issues with my avocado on Sunday when I went to make Superbowl appetizers.  I was left with goat cheese, baguette, and not a whole lot else.
It's a good thing I planned to have chicken pesto risotto this week.  I bought a bottle of pesto.  Armed with that knowledge and the internet, I came up with something else.  I present to you Sarah's Goat Cheese and Pesto Spread for Crostini.
Not really attractive on my ugly countertop in a fruit nappy.  After the jump is a much more appealing picture.

I put 5 oz of room temperature goat cheese, 3 soup spoons of a rather loose pesto and a drizzle of reeeeally good 10 year old balsamic in my magic bullet and blended the whole thing.  I would have added olive oil (I have some reeeeeeally good stuff from the same store as the balsamic), but the pesto was pretty loose.  Then, spread on crostini and serve.
I ate like 7 of these.  I have leftovers for my lunch for the next few days.  There are 16 of Carolyn's Rolls (pictured in the background) packaged in 4s in my freezer.  You all wish you lived here.

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