Saturday, February 4, 2012

Meal Planning: Feb 5-13, 2012

This is a funny week.  We shopped on Saturday this week to be ready for the Superbowl Party on Sunday.  While I have planned on eating at home for the next 6 nights, J's comment was that I should be planning that we will eat out at least once.  If I'm honest with myself, we probably will.  Here are the plans:

Sunday:  J's making Wick Fowler Chili.  A Double Batch.  I'm making an avacado/goat cheese spread for baguette slices and the world's most wonderful rolls.
Monday:  Shake n Bake Chicken, mashed potatoes and frozen vegetables
Tuesday:  Chicken Pesto Risotto off the Minute Rice Box (I haven't made this in ages...and it's simple and yummy)
Wednesday:  Linguine with Proscuitto and Peas with garlic bread (from TOH Simple and Delicious)
Thursday:  Something...probably leftovers.  The Risotto and Linguine will both probably have leftovers.  Maybe this will be Wednesday.
Friday:  Volcano Sandwiches!  Yummy!!!  With chips and pickles, it's perfect for Friday!

We also talked about what's in our freezer, and we're good for a while...and I've been pinning on Pinterest like a fiend.  There are so many things out there.

What are you having this week?

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