Saturday, February 18, 2012

Meal Planning, February 18-25, 2012

I know why I don't grocery shop at 3 on a Saturday afternoon.  Eventually, you have to check out and you spend as long in the line as you did winding your way through the grocery store.  Not that I'm bitter.  I made friends with the people in line behind me.  But still.  Groceries on a Sunday afternoon are bad enough.  The best time to shop is still Saturday morning at 7:30.  I'm just sorry I wasn't up to do that today.  But I digress.
This week, Family Day is on Monday, so I'm home and have time to make stuff.  I want to get next week's Pinteractive out of the way as well.  I'm home every night, and I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday, so I'll be home a little earlier than usual.  Here's a slightly longer week than usual, with our plans:
Saturday: Finger foods for dinner - the end of the goat cheese spread (I know, I know) with baguette, baked cheese dip, carrots and celery sticks, frozen buffalo wings and a LOT of water.  This is saltier than I orignally thought.  So much cheese.
Sunday: Brunch before going to the movies, and then probably Paco's for dinner.  We bring home hot dog sauce from Toledo with us, and make our own.
Monday: Banana Chocolate Chunk muffins for breakfast, Pinteractive lunch of Chicken Enchilada soup, and Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and broccoli for dinner.
Tuesday: Shrove Tuesday!!  Blueberry Pancakes and bacon with Elmira maple syrup for dinner.
Wednesday: Not sure.  This is wild card night after my guitar lesson.
Thursday: Homemade pizza.  We have sliced mushrooms, olives, prosciutto, onion, and cheese.  I love my bread machine for pizza dough.
Friday: The spaghetti sauce I didn't defrost last week and garlic bread.

Sounds like a good week.  We'll see how it goes.

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