Monday, February 13, 2012

Going Pinteractive

Like most of the rest of the world, I've joined Pinterest.  While I don't seem to use many boards, not surprisingly I've covered my recipes to try board with either sinfully delicious things or plain good looking recipes...and I've started to feel guilty.  Much like my magazine addiction obsession problem, I'm starting to stockpile and admire food that I'm not making.
So I'd been playing with the idea of having Pinterest week here on the blog - all pinned food, all the time.  But that's a big undertaking...and it depends on the good graces of my husband, who would need to put up with the output of food (he would...he likes to eat).
So today (as usual), I was reading my blog feed, and I came across Ms. Sizzle's link to Nanette and her post about signing on for Pinteractive.  What a marvellous idea!  I've pinned her badge up so I remember, and I'm now off to look for a recipe to make this week.

Not that Pinterest Week isn't going to happen.  But probably not for a bit.  When there's a little more than cakes up there. 

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