Sunday, December 7, 2014

Planning: December 7-12, 2014

The year is quickly drawing to close, and there's so much to do!  One of the things that often falls by the wayside when it's busy and I don't know what to do is eating.  Eating out is easy.  Not cheap, not nearly as good for me, but freakishly simple and one less thing to worry about.
This month is becoming a case in point to that:  I'm busy, I'm quickly losing motivation to do much of anything, and eating out sounds good.
While it sounds good, it's not healthy, nor is it cost effective.  J and I have talked about the fact that we're trying to be smart with our money.  One of the smart things we can do is eat at home.  This week is the only place to start with that.
Here's what we're planning to eat on the mountain this week:
Sunday:  Sausage and Tomato Risotto.  My first Magazine Challenge recipe in a bit.
Monday:  Mini Shepherd's Pies and Broccoli.  These are freezable.
Tuesday:  Crockpot Lasagna and garlic bread.
Wednesday:  Leftovers
Thursday:  Shake n Bake Chicken drumsticks, mashed potatoes and broccoli
Friday:  Dinner out.
Sounds good.  On paper, this sounds totally doable.

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