Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bride of Magazine Challenge: Yikes!

I'm behind.  To put it mildly.
Somehow, November has morphed into December and I have as of yet to do a planning post with the recipes from either month for the magazine challenge.  It's kind of sad:  I've tried and done pretty well at keeping up with 6 recipes a month from Everyday Food until fall and football and weekends away and life.  But there are still things I want to make, and some of them are even making it into mhy plans for Christmas dinner.  More on that to come.
November's issue of Everyday food is filled with ideas for Thanksgiving and make-ahead food.  This was actually a month where I couldn't come up with 6 things I wanted to try.  There are 5.  Here's what I want to make from November 2006:

  1. Herbed Biscuits (freeze and bake)
  2. Tomato and Sausage Risotto
  3. Maple cake
  4. Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars
  5. Blue Cheese and Walnut Spread
I'm thinking maybe the biscuits and definitely the spread for Christmas here.  My mom's coming back with us, and we're celebrating late.  I think we're having prime rib.  There's one lurking in the bottom of the freezer.
December is the first issue in the 2 years that I've been doing this project where I've made 2 things before:  Warm Chocolate Puddings and Mint Chocolate Brownies.  The Brownies are over the top, and so rich.  You bite into them, and you wonder how long it will take before your teeth start falling out.  They're worth it.  Trust me.  Once again, I only have 5 things to try, but I don't consider that cheating because I've already made the 2 desserts listed above.  Here's what I want to make from December 2006:
  1. Rasberry Trifle
  2. Apricot Stuffed French Toast
  3. Parmesan Spirals
  4. Glazed Shallots
  5. Tortilla Pie
The trifle, spirals and shallots are also probably going to be incorporated into Christmas feasting.  I'm thinking French Toast for New Year's.  This is working out well!
Here's to the end of 2014...and 2006!!

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