Tuesday, December 30, 2014

An Apology, and Next Steps

I've not been here.  I've been present with family and friends for the holiday season.  Personally, I've taken a step back at work (J, my therapist and I all think this is a good thing) and so I've been packing up and moving my office to start the next adventure.  I've also been having fun with our new kitten, who is, in J's words, "a pistol".  While the other cat is still alpha, the kitten has given her a run for her money.  She's into everything, and we spend a great deal of time telling her no.  My mom fought the ongoing battle of keeping her away from people food while she was here for a few days.
That doesn't mean that I haven't been cooking!  I have a list of 12 things that are in different stages of blogging.  Fodder to start the new year, for sure.
Blog-wise, it's been busy.  I've been looking at my goals for next year.  More on that on January 1, with a new year comes new resolutions.  I've already signed up for another blogging event, and I've been thinking about what else I'd like to do in this upcoming year.
So here's to what's next!  Tomorrow, the annual Retrospective will take centre stage with things we loved from this past year.  So many good things, so little time!  Stay tuned....

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