Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mug Swap 2014: The Conundrum


After having so much fun in last year's swap, I decided to participate again this year.  This year, Kim encouraged us to bless others - through a donation and a box beyond just a mug.  The box I received was delightful.  The box I was to send...well, we'll get to that.
I got a happy box from Rachel.  It was happy:

Right down to the strawberry rhubarb and triple berry jam that it contained.  I've finished the strawberry rhubarb already.  It was delicious.

Rachel encouraged me to drink large amounts of coffee.  She decorated the mug herself :)
She also encouraged me to be hydrated, or at least look like I am.
She sent a replacement notebook for meal planning, which was just as well seeing as I had almost finished the last notebook I was using for planning.
Finally, I am encouraged to keep up the attitude in my kitchen.  I love this.  I've already found a spot to hang it in my kitchen.

So thanks Rachel.  This was awesome.

On to the not so great.  I am still in the possession of the box I am to send.  I took it to send, and I was informed that the address didn't exist.  I came home and googled the address.  They were right.  The address doesn't exist.  I emailed the girl I am to send to, and she hasn't responded to either of my emails.  So here I sit, in possession of a box for someone, and no idea what to do.  Anyone?  Bueller?


  1. this is how i roll! love it! you got so many great goodies, so personal and perfect!
    if you're still having problems sending, email me and let me know :) I'll see what i can do to help!!!

  2. the package you received is wonderful! so many personal touches! I bet you picked out fun things for your partner... hope you're able to find out her address : )