Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Freezer Friendly: Breakfast Sandwiches

I haven't been very good about eating breakfast.  In the summer, I spend each morning with a cup of coffee, orange juice and toast or muffins.  But during the school year, I get up as late as I feel I can (I'm still at school an hour before classes start) and blow through the kitchen to make my lunch, a coffee to take with me and a glass of juice while I read my email and texts so I know what I'm walking into in my day.
Work means I don't always get around to lunch.  When students eat, I'm running the halls supervising, and I often don't stop until I realize I'm nauseous/light headed/parched; usually around 2.  I know I need to eat, and I'm trying to come up with ways to eat quickly and easily in the morning, even if it means taking breakfast with me to eat at my desk.  I have been pinning recipes for breakfasts for a while now.  Mostly, they are things that can be frozen and reheated.
J and I have a tradition on Sundays of going to McDonald's for breakfast before church.  We order egg mcmuffin combos to eat at the restaurant and large cafe mochas that we take with us to the theatre where our church meets.  Every week, I order a bacon and egg mcmuffin.  When I saw a variety of recipes for frozen mcmuffin copycats, I decided to give them a shot.
I present to you now my take on freezable Breakfast Sandwiches:

6 eggs
Salt and Pepper
6 English muffins
6 slices old cheddar cheese
6 slices bacon
1.  Preheat oven to 350F.  Butter 6 ramekins and crack 1 egg into each ramekin.  Break the yolk with a fork and season with salt and pepper.  Bake eggs for 20 minutes until yolks and whites are set.  Remove from oven and remove eggs from ramekins, using a knife around the edge to loosen.
2.  While eggs are baking, cook bacon until done.  Split English muffins, and top with a slice of cheese and the bacon.
3.  Top sandwiches with egg and close.  Wrap in waxed paper before freezing.
4.  To reheat:  microwave sandwich 1 minute 30 seconds on power level 8 before unwrapping.

 You know what I found at the grocery store?  Round bacon.  That's right.  And when it's cooked, it's the same size as an English muffin.  Oh!  And it was on sale.  I'm nothing if not economical.

I've seen lots of ways to bake the eggs.  I think the best would be a whoopie pie pan if I owned one.  I haven't found the ramekins too hard to use, though.  The worst, as always, is popping the egg out after baking.  But the butter I use to grease the ramekins gives them nice and brown, crispy edges.
One of the blogs I read before making these sandwiches broke the corners of the cheese into the middle.  I thought that sounded smart, less to melt all over the waxed paper.  I also decided against toasting the English muffins - I didn't want to dry them out.
I've now made a dozen of these.  They're handy, and delicious.  And bacon rounds were on sale at the grocery store again this week.  Guess what we're going to be making again soon?

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  1. I need to try this again - I've made similar before, but I'm pretty picky about the doneness of my eggs and I don't like them too done and none of the ways I've tried to make the eggs has worked very well consistently. But I've been buying Special K's sandwiches and they are $$ not to mention processed ...