Sunday, March 2, 2014

Planning: March 2-7, 2014

It was so exciting to put "March" in the title of this post.  I know that time is screaming along, but I think the weather makes me think that it's standing still.  The fact that we got snow we weren't really expecting last night doesn't help things.  J and I had bought a second gallon of gas for the snowblower a while ago, but we'd been holding off on putting the two-stroke engine oil into it in case we didn't need it.  We needed it today.  I now hope for lots of snow that J can blow so that we use up the gallon.  Sigh.  It's a catch-22 really.  I want winter to be over, but I'm still cheap.
This week is almost off the charts mental.  I've agreed to take part in interviews for a PhD candidate, and then I have School Council.  Tuesday and Wednesday, my school is putting on the musical, The Hundred Years Snooze.  Thursday is the end of school before the break.  I'm on the list for the potluck this week for work.  By Friday, I'm pretty sure I'll be ready to crawl in a corner and sleep for a while.  But to get there, we need to eat.  Here's the plan for this week - things we can make in advance and eat when we're ready.  The plan for this week is as follows:
Sunday:  Seeing as I'm busy for Shrove Tuesday, we're having pancakes and bacon Sunday night.
Monday:  I found a recipe for chicken enchilada casserole that looks darn tasty.  I can make it in advance and have J put it in the oven.
Tuesday:  Leftover casserole.
Wednesday:  J is making chili in the crockpot.  All I have to do is come home and eat.  I so approve of this plan.  At least, I'm sure by Wednesday I will.
Thursday:  Leftover chili.  And wine.  Because wine goes with everything.
Friday:  Probably go out.  Or a pizza kit.  I don't know.  Something that's easy.
So here's to the last week of school before March Break.  May my mind and spirit be intact at the end of it.

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  1. Man, I hear ya - SO ready for spring!!! I hate to rush time too, but I am SICK of winter and getting sick of living so far away from the kids' schools.