Monday, July 1, 2013

Magazine Challenge: July/August Planning

It's just as well that I have 2 months to do some catching up on the magazine challenge.  We've put down the deposit on our kitchen reno, and are planning that to start in late July or early August.  Now that I have some time to cook, I'm hoping to make a few things from previous months as well. 
The July/August 2005 issue of EDF is a good one.  It's the first one from this year that I've made anything from as well.  I've made the Double Blueberry Muffins from the In Season feature.  They're good, but I like Bonnie's Blueberry Muffins better.  However, they were made with cornmeal and have a nice crunch to them.  So I chose 6 other things that looked interesting.
I didn't pick 12 things.  I'm not sure I could have come up with 12.  6 will do.  Here's this issue's standouts that I want to make:
  1. Moroccan Chicken
  2. Red, White and Blueberry Trifle
  3. Barbeque Sauce
  4. Flank Steak with Lime Marinade
  5. Vietnamese Steak Sandwiches
  6. Butter Pecan Pie
With those 2 desserts, we obviously need to have people in this summer.  Now that the pool is open and the patio furniture is set up, we need to do exactly that.

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