Monday, December 31, 2012

Retrospective: 2012 in Review

Seeing as it's New Year's Eve, it's time to take a look back and reminisce about the year that was.  During the past year, J and I have moved, we acquired a cat, and I started a new job.
We also made the resolution to have people in for often for dinner and to eat at home more often.  There have been months when we've done better than others, but for the most part we're eating at home more often.  We've tried lots of new things too.
According to the stats, I've made 47 things that are "New for 2012".  That's almost a recipe per week.  I participated in 15 Pinterest activities, and I shared 16 recipes with you that are classics around here.  By far, my favourite source outside of Pinterest was my new copy of the Looneyspoons Collection that I got for my birthday in October.  I managed to make 9 recipes in approximately 2 and a half months.  Think of what would have happened if I'd had access for the entire year!
After the jump, I invite you to make a quick trip down memory lane to the best and worst of the year that was.  I present to you now Oreos and Cool Whip's Memories of 2012:

  1. Best Dessert:  This is a toss up.  The best ice cream was From Away's Nutella Ice Cream, and for me the best cake was the Peanut Butter Crunch Cake.  I say we just have the cake with a scoop or two of the ice cream and call it good.  Both were spectacular.  
  2. Most Questionable Dessert:  Shirley Temple CupcakesYes Pinterest, while you can make cupcakes with a cake mix and a can of soda, you probably shouldn't.  They're ridiculously delicate and weirdly flat.  It was interesting as an experiment, but there are better things to eat.
  3. Best thing I made from Pinterest:  Hands down, Mexican Stuffed ShellsWhy I have not made these again is beyond me.  Oh yeah...too many other things to try.  I have lots of things pinned to try in 2013.  I may never get back to the shells, and that would be horrible.
  4. Worst thing from Pinterest:  Garlic Brown Sugar ChickenIt's not the best ever.  Trust me.
  5. Best Looneyspoons Dinner:  J and I agree that this was the best thing I've made this year from all the things that have been really good:  Fajita SaladWe had it again this past weekend.  It's a snap to throw together, full of flavour, and really filling.  When I think of what I'll make again and again, it's this salad. 
  6. J's Favourite Thing:  He wanted in, so here we go.  The recipe that my husband talks about most often is the Grilled Balsamic Pork TenderloinIt's the only thing he wants me to make with prok tenderloin.  It's not, but that's what he'd like.
So that's the year past.  Here's to 2013 and the flavours to discover.  Tomorrow, I'm going to unveil my plans for the coming year.  I'm working on a delicious plot for the next 12 months.

On to adventure! 

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