Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bride of Magazine Challenge: April Planning

It's so exciting to write "April" on this post.  The snow is finally disappearing, the robins are back, and we're moving into Spring foods.  This winter has been crazy, and it's nice to be planning for better weather.  Some day I will no longer have an ice cube in my backyard, but an actual pool.  I'm not expecting that anytime soon.
The April issue of Everday Food was fun to browse - with lots of things that sounded good.  Yet at the end of the issue, I still had only 6 things that I wanted to make.  I'm thinking it's because things like the parfait on the front cover are made with homemade cooked chocolate pudding, and I'm not really a fan of cooked pudding.
But beside that and the big article on leeks (not a flavour I really like), there were some things that looked quite delicious.  Here's the 6 selections for the month of April from Everyday Food, 2006:
  1. Glazed Cheese Croissants
  2. Teriyaki Chicken Wings
  3. Chicken and Dumplings
  4. Chicken Chaquiles
  5. Wontons
  6. Wonton Soup
 What I like about this list is that it's not dessert-laden.  We don't eat enough dessert around here or baked goods for that matter to really make a sugary list for a month feasible.  But with lots of chicken recipes, we'll see what happens. 
Here's to April and the beginning of Spring!

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