Saturday, February 23, 2013

Planning: February 22 - March 1, 2013

To say I've been lax this month in the cooking department would be a gross understatement.  Things have been busy here on the mountain and we haven't been making it to the grocery store.  It's hard to cook when there's no food.  Today, however, we tried to rectify this by going to the grocery store and spending gobs of money to replace all of the things I've run out of.
To go with this, I've fallen horribly, horribly behind in my magazine challenge.  This is something that I'm also trying to rectify this week.  I've decided that if I don't get all the recipes made this month, I'll hold onto them to use in the future.  Vegetable burritos will be good, no matter what month it is.  I'd like to complete the minimum numbers from each magazine this year.
On that note, I have lots of EDF recipes on the menu this week, and have started perusing the March issue for 6 recipes that I want to make.  I suggested a couple to J and he nixed them.  We'll see.
But for now, here's what's on the agenda this week.  I planned Sunday to Friday, with 5 meals so that there's a little leeway for a night when I don't want to cook.  Here's the plan:

Sunday:  Black Bean Soup.  The TOH recipe doesn't look like a typical black bean soup.  But it sounds yummy.  Maybe I'll get wild and make cornbread too.  This will be the basis for lunches this week.
Monday:  Fish Tacos.  This gets J's fish for the week in, and is a recipe from EDF.
Tuesday:  Chicken Meatballs in Tomato Sauce with Spaghetti.  The original used spaghetti squash.  J didn't think that sounded good either.  It's an EDF recipe, and a reason to break out the Spong again.
Wednesday:  Burgers.  I have guitar and get home late.
Thursday:  Lemon Parsley Pork Chops.  J doesn't like pork.  That's why I'm not fighting him on the squash.  He says it's always too dry.  I'm out to prove him wrong.  And cross another EDF off my list.
Friday:  Not sure.  Perhaps we'll go out to celebrate eating at home all week.

To go along with this, I'm making oatmeal chocolate chip raisin cookies from EDF, and Candy Cane ice cream from Pinterest.  We'll even get dessert.  Yum.

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