Sunday, January 4, 2015

Planning: January 4-10, 2015


This is our new kitten, Raven.  Isn't she cute?  It's just as well, because she's also a pain in the behind.  Just ask our other cat, Missy (Raven looks almost exactly like Missy, but smaller).  You can also ask me while I'm eating dinner and fighting to keep Raven away from my plate or off the table.  Missy has no interest in people food so it's really just the ongoing struggle with Raven.
You could say that Raven helped me meal plan for the upcoming week.  She helped by trying to chew on the Everyday Foods strewn across the dining room table and lying on top of the sales flyers from the grocery store while buzzing at top volume.  Like I said, she's cute.  See?

Raven also left her teeth marks in the pages of my meal planning notebook.  Thankfully, we prefer food to paper.  I hope she does someday, too.  Here's what we're eating on the mountain this week:
Sunday:  My mother gave me a new soup cookbook for Christmas.  We're having a Spinach Tortellini soup recipe from there for dinner.
Monday:  J has requested meatloaf.  So, that's what we're going to have with mashed potatoes and broccoli.
Tuesday:  Leftover meatloaf etc.
Wednesday:  Hamburgers on the grill.  I have discovered that there are huge number of packages of burgers in our freezer.  We need to use these up on  my quest to empty the freezer.
Thursday:  Pork cutlets with Sauteed Tomatoes and salad. J doesn't like pork, but after he requested both meatloaf and soup for this week, he told me I could make something I wanted.  He's lucky we aren't eating buttered parmesan spaghetti or cereal for dinner so I don't have to cook.
Friday:  This is the wild card.  I'm starting at a new school tomorrow, so we may just go out.  Otherwise, there are Beef Pastry Pockets in the freezer.
Sounds like a good week.  And because this is a post featuring my kitten, one more picture.  There are never enough cute kitty pictures on the interwebs.  In this one, she could be mistaken for Missy.  But she's right where she wants to be:  in the sun, contemplating the next thing to chew.  Sigh.

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