Friday, November 2, 2012

Planning: November 2-9, 2012

I haven't been cooking much recently.  We've been busy.  I've been busy.  My dad died.  Cancer Sucks.
Yeah, that.  We've been away for most of the past week for the visitation, memorial service, and interment.  But, we're back!  I've had a couple of days to prepare, and today we went to the grocery store.  Tomorrow is football, and we're staying in.  I've declared tomorrow Pajama Day.  It's also cooking day. 
Here's the plan:

Friday:  Broiled salmon, mashed potatoes and broccoli.  We still have leftover Halloween chocolate too.

Saturday:  I want to make the pull apart lemon bread.  I missed the Pintertest Kitchen.  I can still post.  Unfried refried beans for dinner as a part of burritos, along with nacho cheese dip and a veggie tray.  We bought everything for gorgeous sandwiches for lunch too so we don't have to go to Subway.

Sunday:  Pork fried rice with the leftover smoked pork loin we brought home after the memorial service, and won ton soup for dinner.  Apparently it's Food Inspired by the Far East day.

Monday:  Tuscan Chicken Stew, Salad, and whole wheat rolls

Tuesday:  Leftovers.  I have School Council.

Wednesday:  Not quite sure.  There are choices.  We'll see what I come up with. 

Thursday:  We're getting the winter tires put on the car, so we're going out - Southern Style BBQ.  Southern Fried Chicken, here I come!

Friday:   Leaving for football.  Something quick on the road.

So, it looks like a good week.  Let's see how it goes.

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