Saturday, May 12, 2012

Planning: May 12-18, 2012

Work is nuts.  It's now hiring season, which will quickly be followed by track and field season, and then academic testing, report cards, and the mad dash to the end.  So tiring.  So no time to cook.  It's sad.  J and I are talking about using a company where I can go and make frozen meals for us in June when there's no time and I'm abandoning him for year end dinners regularly.  He learned that "delivery pizza is really expensive" when the Domino's near us shut down and he looked for a new pizza source.  We'll see.
The other good thing is that it's finally grilling season!  Woohoo!  When in doubt, fire up the Broil King!!
Here's how this week appears to be shaking out:

Saturday:  Black Bean Salsa Chicken, rice, and a salad.  And the end of the Nutella ice cream.
Sunday:  Breakfast for Dinner - Bacon and Eggs.  I thought we were out of eggs, so I bought another dozen.  Um, we weren't.  Yeah.  Breakfast for dinner.
Monday:  Steak, Potatoes, and Vegetables on the grill.  I do the potatoes in foil, and toss the veggies on the grill too.
Tuesday:  Burgers, I think.  After Tuesday, it won't be grilled weather.  Boo.
Wednesday:  Dinner out.  I have a late night.
Thursday:  Shake n Bake Chicken, Potatoes and Broccoli.  By Thursday, I just want to be done.
Friday:  Long weekend!  We'll be eating on the road, so probably Wendy's.

Yay!  Sounds like a good week.

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